Aavegotchi Announces An Interactive Aavegotchi Game Coming to The Sandbox on October 25th

An Aavegotchi experience is coming to The Sandbox metaverse on October 25th, bringing with it two separate airdrops!

Aavegotchi has officially announced that they are launching an interactive game in The Sandbox on October 25th.

When Metaverses Collide: Aavegotchi x The Sandbox

A renowned gaming protocol and NFT collection based on Polygon is set to venture into one of the leading gaming metaverses, offering a combined metaverse experience. This transition will birth an engaging Aavegotchi game. Interestingly, this game began as a supplementary project by Gotchi French Army Studio around a year back. However, as revealed on their official Twitter, it evolved into an extensive project encompassing multiple intellectual properties, supported financially by AavegotchiDAO and The Sandbox Game Maker Fund.

During the initial half-year of the project’s development, Sebastien Borget, The Sandbox’s co-founder, monitored its progress. His interest led him to a rendezvous with the Gotchi French Army team at the NFT Paris conference. As a culmination of this partnership, The Sandbox team adeptly transformed the prevailing NFT collection into inherent Sandbox assets. This integration paved the way for the Aavegotchi game within the voxel-centric metaverse, with developers dedicating months to ensure the playability of over 20,000 Aavegotchis within this virtual universe.

In celebration of these milestones, there will be two special airdrops.

Airdrop #1

For those who had an Aavegotchi prior to July 1st, a date marked by a significant snapshot, they will have the opportunity to access The Sandbox version of their Aavegotchi by linking their wallets starting October 8th. Notably, should the NFT change hands or be sold, its corresponding metaverse avatar will seamlessly transfer to the new owner.

Airdrop #2

Another airdrop is tied to the new game. Players can earn from a pot of 50k $SAND and 5,000 $GHST tokens. You can play without an NFT, but if you have one, you have a better chance to win some tokens.

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