Decentraland Ignites ENS Names With The Dynamic Addition of Decentraland Worlds!

This novel feature provides users with personal 3D spaces, allowing them to carve out a unique niche beyond the confines of Genesis City’s mapped LAND parcels.

Each World can act as a private sanctuary or a shareable space, accessible via a simple link. With the capacity to host up to 100 concurrent users, these Worlds can be utilized to showcase talent, host vibrant events, or serve as a blank slate for creative experimentation.

What Exactly Is The Ethereum Name Service (ENS)?

ENS, or Ethereum Name Service, revolutionizes the way we perceive web3 usernames. Gone are the days of confined and sandboxed usernames; ENS empowers you to truly own your username, attach an avatar, store profile data, and employ it seamlessly across various services. With over 3 million names under its umbrella, ENS stands as the gold standard in blockchain naming, boasting 500+ integrations and a staggering 800k proud owners. But its prowess doesn’t end there. ENS eradicates the need for juggling cumbersome addresses; simply use your ENS name to consolidate all your crypto addresses, facilitating transactions across cryptocurrencies, tokens, or even NFTs. For those yearning for true internet freedom, ENS offers the tools to launch decentralized, censorship-resistant websites. By pairing with IPFS, you can deploy your site and access it via your unique ENS name. While the hallmark name suffix for ENS is .ETH, ensuring maximum blockchain-native security, ENS’s versatility shines as it also integrates smoothly with traditional DNS names you may already possess, making it a comprehensive and dynamic naming solution for the modern web.

How Do Worlds Differentiate From The Land Parcels In Decentraland

Worlds in Decentraland are personal 3D spaces that exist beyond the boundaries of Genesis City. In contrast, LAND parcels are fixed pieces of property situated within the mapped confines of Genesis City. While LAND parcels are specific locations within the city, Worlds offer a more expansive and flexible space located outside the main city structure.

Worlds can serve a myriad of purposes, from hosting events, showcasing a series of scenes, or testing out new virtual experiences. Acquisition of a Decentraland World can be achieved through obtaining a Decentraland NAME, which are specialized NFTs, or by having an ENS domain.

Worlds For Decentraland Names vs. ENS

Decentraland NAME holders enjoy an adaptable storage model. The storage capacity scales based on their wallet holdings in the Decentraland ecosystem:

  • Possession of a Decentraland NAME offers 100 Mb of storage.
  • Each LAND parcel adds another 100 Mb to the storage pool.
  • And, every accumulation of 2,000 MANA tokens further grants an extra 100 Mb.

This dynamic allocation provides users with flexibility in managing their virtual content. For instance, a user with a cumulative storage of 500 Mb can opt to utilize this space across multiple Worlds or focus it all into a single expansive World. However, should a user exceed their storage limit, perhaps due to asset offloads, a 24-hour grace period will be provided to rectify the situation. Non-compliance might render their Worlds inaccessible post this window. Remedial actions include acquiring more assets or optimizing current storage by un-deploying scenes.

In contrast, Worlds obtained through ENS domains come with a fixed storage cap of 25 Mb, irrespective of other holdings in Decentraland. While this might seem restrictive, it’s an ideal starting point for newcomers to experience the vast potentialities of Decentraland.

As the virtual landscape of Decentraland continues to evolve and expand, its commitment to providing users with immersive and customizable experiences remains evident. Whether you’re a seasoned virtual realtor or a newbie looking to set foot in the metaverse, Decentraland’s Worlds offer a space for every aspiration.

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