Gods Unchained – Game Review

Overview Of Gods Unchained

Creation and Founders: Gods Unchained was founded by brothers James and Robbie Ferguson.

Website: https://godsunchained.com/

Game Type: Digital collectible card game where players build decks and battle opponents in strategic duels.

Genre: Strategy Card Game with blockchain elements.

Blockchain: ImmutableX.

Token: GODS.

NFTs in Gods Unchained: Some cards are NFTs, some are not. Free cards can be upgraded into NFTs.

Exploring Gods Unchained

Diving into Gods Unchained, I was filled with anticipation. The promise of true card ownership was tantalizing. The idea of holding a card, not just in-game but truly owning it on the blockchain, was groundbreaking. But as I delved deeper, the cracks began to show. Yes, I own these cards, but what if the game vanishes into the ether tomorrow? I’d be left clutching at tokens on the blockchain, their value as fleeting as a mirage.

The tutorials, while easy to follow, felt like a guided tour through a beautiful mansion where half the rooms are locked. They introduced the basics but left out the meaty bits about the play-to-earn mechanics. It’s like being handed a treasure map where X doesn’t mark the spot.

Graphically, the game is a letdown. In a world where visuals can be so captivating, Gods Unchained feels like it’s stuck in the past. The audio? Basic at best. It’s like being served a gourmet meal with plastic cutlery. The one saving grace was the music, which, to its credit, was a delight to the ears.

Gameplay was smooth, but that’s the least I’d expect. It’s like praising a fish for swimming. The play-to-earn mechanics, while present, are a convoluted mess. It’s easier to explain quantum physics to a toddler than to understand how to truly earn from this game.

Deep Dive Into Gods Unchained’s Features

True Card Ownership

  • A tantalizing promise that might just be a ticking time bomb. If the game fades, so does the value of your “assets.”

Gameplay & Graphics

  • Smooth gameplay but paired with visuals that are a yawn-fest. The audio feels like an afterthought, saved only by the game’s music.


  • Clear, concise but woefully incomplete. It’s like learning to drive in a parking lot and then being thrown onto a racetrack.


  • It’s there, lurking in the shadows, complex and elusive. A puzzle that’s missing half its pieces.


  • Beyond the steep blockchain learning curve, the game struggles to define its identity. Is it a card game? A blockchain experiment? It’s hard to tell.

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