Gods Unchained Unveils the “Tides of Fate” Expansion

Get ready for an exciting addition to Gods Unchained! The upcoming expansion, named Tides of Fate, is set to immerse players in maritime adventures. It will introduce new cards, an innovative keyword, and a unique opportunity for the community to shape the final attributes of two specific cards through a special event.

Hints about this expansion were dropped during the announcement of the ‘Season Two’ for this popular TCG game. Now, with more information available, Tides of Fate promises a rich array of content. Not only will players get access to an abundance of new cards and a fresh keyword, but they will also play a pivotal role in determining the dynamics of two of these cards.

Scheduled to go live on October 25th, at 11am AET, this expansion boasts a collection of 142 new cards, among which 12 are coveted legendary cards!

one of the legendary cards

Delving Deeper into “Tides of Fate”

The Tides of Fate expansion introduces the innovative keyword “Manasurge.” This keyword activates once the player expends the specified amount of mana during a single turn.

The expansion’s lore will be enriched by the advent of two novel factions: the Draka and the Sartonian. While the Draka are known for their majestic dragon mounts, the Sartonian command formidable Atlantean mechs. Animosity brews between these factions, and players’ allegiances will play a crucial role. Their choices will influence the ongoing feud and ultimately shape the attributes of two new Hero cards.

This dynamic interplay between players and factions unfolds through a quintet of community events, termed as skirmishes. Players pledge their loyalty to a chosen faction and, in return, receive the two Hero cards. Every skirmish, spanning a few weeks, will tally player victories under their respective faction banners. The triumphant faction will earn the distinction of gracing the Hero cards’ rear face, with the card attributes evolving in tandem.

Moreover, Tides of Fate is set to feature exclusive card recipes, enabling players to craft unique cards. Stay tuned for a deeper dive into these facets in the coming fortnight. A comprehensive reveal of the Tides of Fate card collection is slated for October 12th. For those eager for more insights, the official Tides of Fate webpage offers a wealth of information.

What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained offers a unique blend of card collecting in a free-to-play format. Leveraging the Ethereum blockchain, it employs the Immutable X layer-2 system, ensuring trades without any gas fees. In this game, players have complete ownership of their cards. As players engage in gameplay, they can acquire digital ‘Core’ cards. When a player possesses two matching Core cards, they have the capability to merge them into a single blockchain-integrated card. This consolidated card can then be traded in various markets.

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