Looksrare’s Play to Earn Gems Season 4: A New Era in their NFT Marketplace

LooksRare‘s Play to Earn Gems Season 4 introduces a radical shift from its previous iterations, particularly in the way players earn Gems. Unlike the earlier seasons where listing NFTs on LooksRare was a primary method of earning, Season 4 requires a different kind of participation. The focus has shifted to engaging in various activities such as playing YOLO and participating in LooksRare Raffles, thus adding a layer of interactivity and strategic engagement to the earning process. The fourth Season begun October 31st and ends November 30th.

Earning Gems through YOLO and LooksRare Raffles

In this new season, earning Gems revolves around active participation in the YOLO game and LooksRare Raffles. Players are rewarded for being the first to contribute assets like ETH, LOOKS, or NFTs into a YOLO pot, winning rounds in the YOLO game, and entering into LooksRare Raffles. This not only incentivizes more active participation but also adds an element of competition and excitement to the platform.

Season 4 Rewards and Duration

One of the significant attractions of Season 4 is the lucrative reward pool. Players are competing for a share of 2,000,000 LOOKS in the airdrop rewards. This substantial reward pool is expected to drive engagement and competition among players. The season, which began on October 31st and spans four weeks, offers a concise yet intense period for players to maximize their earnings and engagement.

Claiming Previous Rewards and the Future Outlook

Season 4 also provides an opportunity for players to claim any unclaimed airdrop allocation from Season 3. This ensures that players do not miss out on their earlier earnings. As LooksRare continues to innovate in the web3 gaming space, Season 4 of Play to Earn Gems is set to offer a unique blend of gaming and strategic betting, making it a standout feature in the evolving NFT marketplace landscape.

LooksRare’s Season 4 brings a fresh and exciting approach to earning on their NFT marketplace, evolving into a gamified platform, offering players new ways to engage and earn on their protocol.

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