Lost Relics – Game Review

Overview Of Lost Relics

Creation and Founders: Created by the CEO of Codebit Labs, Cliff Cawley.

Website: https://lostrelics.io/

Game Type: Hack-and-slash dungeon crawler.

Genre: ARPG.

Blockchain: Enjin.

Token: In game currency “shadowstones” can we swapped for ENJIN token.

NFTs in Lost Relics: Not all items are NFTs. Those that are, fall under these categories: Collectibles, items, outfits, pets, morphs, cosmetics, multiverse.

Exploring Lost Relics

Lost Relics, touted as one of the pioneering web3 games, had generated quite a buzz in its early days. However, since the onset of the bear market, it’s been eerily quiet on the Lost Relics front. With formidable competitors like Ember Sword, Mist, and Synergyland gearing up for full game releases, the future seems uncertain for Lost Relics.

Curiosity piqued, I decided to dive back into the game to gauge its current state. The first hurdle? The tedious registration process. While Lost Relics is free to play, getting your account approved feels like an eternity. And once you’re in, the free-to-play model feels restrictive, with many game features locked behind a paywall, nudging players towards their membership system. This wouldn’t be a significant issue if the game’s core components, like combat and skills, were top-notch. Sadly, they’re not.

To its credit, Lost Relics has rolled out substantial updates. New adventures, monsters, bosses, challenges, and life skills have been introduced. The addition of the roll dodge mechanic adds a layer of strategy to monster encounters. However, the game still lacks depth in critical areas. The combat system is rudimentary at best, with a basic left-click for normal attacks and right-click for special moves. The absence of a skill progression system and character stats makes the gameplay monotonous and uninspiring.

Shifting focus to the play-to-earn aspect, Lost Relics doesn’t have its own cryptocurrency. The game banks on two earning mechanisms: collecting rare NFTs and gathering the in-game currency, shadowstones. While the idea of trading NFTs for cryptocurrency on secondary marketplaces sounds appealing, the reality is starkly different. Many NFTs in Lost Relics lack utility, and some are downright nonsensical. The game’s lack of engagement means even the rarest NFTs find no takers. The shadowstones, which can be traded for the ENJIN token, offer a glimmer of hope, but the drop rates are abysmally low.

In essence, Lost Relics is a game with potential that’s been squandered. The restrictive free-to-play model, lackluster combat, and underwhelming play-to-earn features make it a hard sell. With four years of development under its belt, Lost Relics is skating on thin ice. The gaming landscape is evolving, and soon, there will be more polished, engaging play-to-earn games in the market. Lost Relics needs a miracle to stay relevant in this competitive arena.

Deep Dive Into Lost Relics’ Features

Web3 Integration

As one of the first web3 games, Lost Relics integrates blockchain technology, allowing for unique ownership and trade of in-game assets.

Diverse Adventures

The game offers a range of adventures, introducing players to various monsters, bosses, and challenges, ensuring a fresh experience with each play.

NFT Collectibles

Lost Relics boasts a plethora of items, many of which are NFTs. These NFTs can be traded in the Emporium or on secondary marketplaces, providing players with a tangible asset linked to their in-game achievements.


An in-game currency, shadowstones offer players another avenue for earning. These can be traded for the ENJIN token, a cryptocurrency, adding a real-world value to in-game activities.

Lost Relics Challenges

  • Engagement Issues: Despite its diverse features, many players find the game lacking in engagement, particularly in its combat system which is deemed too simplistic.
  • Barrier to Full Experience: The locking of significant game features behind a membership system can deter free players, limiting the game’s accessibility and potentially its player base.
  • NFT Value Concerns: While the game offers a plethora of NFT items, many of these lack intrinsic utility or value, leading to skepticism about their true worth.
  • Development Pace: With four years of development behind it and still facing challenges, there are concerns about the game’s pace of progress, especially with competitors rapidly advancing.

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