Overt1me Sports Books – Review

Overview Of Overtime Markets

Creation and Founders: Created by Thales Protocol.

Website: https://overtimemarkets.xyz/#/markets?referrerId=kelzthagreat

Platform Type: A decentralized sportsbook offering a plethora of sports betting opportunities.

Genre: GambleFi

Blockchain: Optimism and Arbitrum.

Token: No token, yet.

NFTs: No NFTs.

Exploring Overt1me

From the moment I ventured into Overtime Markets, it was evident that this wasn’t just another sportsbook. The experience of placing bets on sporting events was as smooth as silk, a testament to the platform’s impeccable design and execution. As a boxing enthusiast, I’ve often found myself scouring the internet for platforms to bet on major boxing events. Overtime Markets filled that void, offering me a platform where I could indulge my passion for the sport.

The non-custodial nature of Overtime Markets is a breath of fresh air in an industry rife with intermediaries. The absence of KYC procedures ensures that users maintain their privacy, a feature that’s becoming increasingly rare in the digital age. But what truly sets Overtime apart is its operation entirely through smart contracts. It’s empowering to know that there isn’t an entity managing my funds; it’s just me, my wallet, and the immutable code of the blockchain.

Engaging with the Overtime team was a delightful experience. Their proactive approach, welcoming suggestions for sporting events, showcases their commitment to delivering a user-centric platform. It’s not just about placing bets; it’s about being part of a community that shares a love for sports and the thrill of the game.

Deep Dive Into Overtime Market’s Features

Decentralized Betting

  • Experience the future of betting, free from intermediaries, with every transaction secured on the blockchain.

Pinnacle Sports Book Integration

  • Reliable data sourced from a global leader, ensuring accurate and timely updates for every bet.

Thales AMM Smart Contracts

  • Automation at its finest, ensuring seamless market operations and enhanced user experience.

No KYC, No Custody

  • True to the spirit of decentralization, Overtime respects user privacy and ensures that users have complete control over their funds.

Community Engagement

  • A team that listens, evolves, and ensures that the platform caters to the diverse interests of its user base.


  • Better marketing.
  • Education.

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