Revolutionizing Identity in Gaming: The Ronin Name Service

The Ronin Blockchain

The Ronin blockchain, known for its affiliation with the popular game Axie Infinity, is a gaming-focused blockchain platform. It’s designed to provide fast and low-cost transactions, making it ideal for blockchain gaming and NFT transactions.

Introducing Ronin Name Service (RNS)

RNS transforms how we interact within the Ronin ecosystem. By providing human-readable names, it replaces complex wallet addresses, enhancing user experience and fostering a more intuitive ecosystem. By using your RNS name instead of your Ronin address, you can send funds and NFTs to a human-readable name instead of the long string of numbers and characters. RNS is integrated with games, wallets, and dApps, making your .ron name a unique callsign across the entire Ronin ecosystem.

The RNS service is accessible here. This web portal serves as a gateway for you to interact with RNS, allowing you to register, manage, and utilize user-friendly naming conventions for your Ronin addresses.

Redefining Gamertags with Ronin Names

In traditional gaming, players never truly owned their usernames. Ronin Names, akin to Gamertags or blockchain names, mark a significant shift. Players can now own, control, and trade these names, a fundamental change enhancing gamers’ autonomy.

Trading on SkyMavis’s Marketplace

Ronin Usernames aren’t just static identifiers; they’re tradable assets. On SkyMavis’s marketplace, players can trade these names alongside other blockchain gaming assets, adding a new dimension to the gaming economy.

A Call to Action for the Ronin Community

With the launch of RNS, there’s an opportunity for both gamers and speculators to secure meaningful and potentially valuable names. If you plan to be active in the Ronin ecosystem, securing names important to you is crucial. For those already taken, consider making offers – securing names now is a strategic move to protect your digital identity on Ronin. This period is pivotal for defensive registration and acquisition, a proactive step for anyone looking to cement their presence in the Ronin world.

You can find more information about Ronin Name Service here.

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