Thetan Arena – Game Review

Overview Of Thetan Arena

Creation and Founders: Developed by the famous Vietnamese developer WolfFun.


Game Type: Blockchain-based MOBA and BattleRoyale.

Genre: BattleRoyale.

Blockchain: Binance smart chain.

Token: THC & THG.

NFTs in Thetan Arena: Heroes & cosmetics.

Exploring Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena, having launched two years ago, has managed to establish itself as one of the more complete web3 games available. The gameplay is genuinely enjoyable, with quick matchmaking and games that wrap up in under five minutes. These are commendable achievements in the gaming space. However, as with any project, there are areas where Thetan Arena falls short, and potential players should be aware of these before diving in.

One of the main gripes from the community is the lack of diverse game modes. While the current gameplay is solid, it can become repetitive over time. The developers have hinted at new game modes in their roadmap, but as of now, the game could benefit from more variety to keep players engaged.

The play-to-earn mechanism is where Thetan Arena truly raises eyebrows. Players can earn THC tokens by acquiring NFTs and winning battles. The amount of THC earned is dependent on the rarity, trophy-class, and level of the heroes. Additionally, players can complete quests on the Thetan Arena marketplace to earn Quest Points, which can then be exchanged for THC. However, there’s a catch. NFTs have a set limit on how many battles they can participate in to earn THC. Once this limit is reached, the NFT becomes merely a tool for gameplay, with no earning potential. This system essentially forces players to continuously purchase new NFTs if they wish to keep earning.

For those not keen on buying NFTs, there’s the option to play for free, albeit without any earning potential. Alternatively, players can rent someone else’s NFT. But even this comes with its challenges, as players need to ensure the NFT they’re renting still has enough matches left to make the rental cost worthwhile.

Thetan Arena also offers a governance token, THG, which can be obtained through special events, NFTs, THC, and marketplace activities. But here’s the crux of the issue: the play-to-earn aspect of Thetan Arena, in its current state, doesn’t seem lucrative. The NFTs lack significant value, and the tokens, while earnable, don’t amount to much in real-world value. The earning rate, when compared to the time investment, seems hardly worth the effort.

In conclusion, Thetan Arena shines as a casual game under the web3 umbrella. Its gameplay mechanics are solid, and it offers a fun experience. However, when it comes to play-to-earn, the game falls short. The current system seems more like a lure to get players to spend rather than a genuine opportunity to earn. That said, Thetan Arena has a lot of potentials. If the developers can align the quality of their play-to-earn mechanisms with the quality of the game, Thetan Arena could become a force to be reckoned with in the web3 gaming space.

Deep Dive Into Thetan Arena’s Features

Quick and Engaging Gameplay

Thetan Arena offers fast-paced matches that last less than five minutes, ensuring players remain engaged without a significant time commitment.

Diverse NFT Integration

Players can acquire NFTs that represent heroes with varying rarities, trophy-classes, and levels. These NFTs play a crucial role in the game’s play-to-earn mechanism.

Rental System

Players who don’t own NFTs or don’t want to buy them can rent them from other players. This system allows for a broader player base to participate in the play to earn features of Thetan Arena.

Quests and Challenges

Beyond the main battles, players can undertake quests available on the Thetan Arena marketplace. Completing these quests earns players Quest Points, which can be exchanged for THC.


  1. Lack of Game Mode Diversity: The community has expressed dissatisfaction with the limited game modes available. Although the roadmap suggests the introduction of new modes, the delay in their rollout can lead to player attrition.
  2. Play-to-Earn Imbalance: While the gameplay is engaging, the play-to-earn mechanism doesn’t seem to offer a fair return on investment. The current value of tokens and NFTs doesn’t seem to match the effort players put into the game, making the earning aspect less appealing.
  3. Market Value of Tokens and NFTs: The current market value of Thetan Arena’s tokens and NFTs is not very encouraging for players looking for a profitable play-to-earn experience. For the game to thrive in the long run, it’s crucial for these digital assets to hold or increase their value, ensuring players see potential in their time and monetary investments.
  4. Limited Earning Potential with NFTs: One of the significant challenges facing Thetan Arena is the restricted earning potential of NFTs. Each NFT can only participate in a set number of battles to earn THC. Once this limit is reached, the NFT loses its earning capability, which can deter players from investing further in the game.

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