Voxels – Game Review

Overview Of Voxels (Formerly Crypto Voxels)

Creation and Founders: Voxels, previously known as Crypto Voxels, is a virtual world, founded by Ben Nolan. The platform allows users to buy, sale, and develop, parcels of land as well as wearables and other items, in a digital universe.

Website: https://www.voxels.com/

Game Type: Voxels offers a sandbox environment where players can build, explore, and interact in a virtual space using voxel graphics.

Genre: Virtual world with elements of city-building and social interaction.

Blockchain: Polygon.

Token: No token. The platform uses MATIC.

NFTs in Voxels: Land. Wearables. Items. Names.

Exploring Voxels

Voxels stands out in the virtual world landscape with its blend of creativity and blockchain technology. One of its significant advantages is the low barrier to entry, especially when compared to its competitors. The voxel-based graphics, reminiscent of games like Minecraft, not only offer a unique aesthetic that fosters creativity but also don’t demand a high-end PC build. This makes it accessible to a broader audience. Over time, building within Voxels has become increasingly straightforward, allowing players to craft everything from towering skyscrapers to intricate art galleries with ease.

One flaw in my opinion would be the characters, who have a somewhat clunky appearance that might not resonate with everyone. On the brighter side, while the graphics started off as basic, and very minimalistic, they have seen tremendous improvements over time, adding depth and detail to the virtual world.

Overall, Voxels is at the forefront of blockchain and play to earn gaming. Even though there may be challenges in attracting and retaining new players in the long run, their team has proven they are up for the challenge.

Deep Dive Into Voxels Features

Virtual Land Ownership

  • Players can buy, develop, and sell parcels of land.
  • Each parcel is tokenized as an NFT, ensuring verifiable ownership.

Creative Freedom

  • Sandbox environment allows for limitless creativity.
  • Players can design structures, artworks, wearables or even host virtual events.


  • An independent marketplace for buying and selling virtual items and land.
  • Ensures liquidity and gives value to players’ creations.

Social Interaction

  • Players can interact, collaborate, and even host virtual events.
  • A thriving community that adds a social dimension to the game.


  • Finding demand vs competitors.
  • Voxel graphics, while unique, might not appeal to everyone.
  • Maintaining player base and attracting new player base.

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