Zed Run – Game Review

Overview Of Zed Run

Creation and Founders: Cofounded in 2018 by Chris Laurent, Rob Salha, Geoff Wellman, and Chris Ebeling.

Website: https://zed.run/

Game Type: ZED RUN is a digital horse racing game where users can own, breed and race digital racehorses with other players from around the world, 24/7.

Genre: Digital Horse Racing.

Blockchain: Ethereum.

Token: ZED token.

NFTs in Zed Run: Horses and cosmetics.

Exploring Zed Run

Zed Run, an immersive blockchain-based digital horse racing game, promises a revolutionary experience for its players. The concept is intriguing: a horse racing track that never sleeps, allowing players to bet crypto, enter races, win tournaments, and even breed their virtual horses for cash prizes. But does it truly deliver on its promises, or is it just another fleeting blockchain trend?

The game’s foundation is solid. Owning virtual horses as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) gives them intrinsic value, especially with the breeding feature. The more races you win, the more consistent your earnings become. However, there’s a catch: the more races a horse runs, the less valuable it becomes over time. This depreciation model might deter some players from actively participating in races while also encouraging the purchase of new horses for active racing.

The initial investment isn’t too steep. A decent horse can be acquired for around $100-$200. But to truly dive into the game’s mechanics, like breeding within your stable, you’ll need both a male and female horse. Breeding isn’t cheap either; budgeting between $50-$100 is essential to cover the breeding gas fee. And if you’re thinking of selling the offspring, there’s a marketplace fee to consider.

Zed Run’s play-to-earn features are clear: racing, betting, and breeding. Breeding aims to produce horses with superior traits, but it’s currently the game’s most criticized aspect. The community feels it’s broken and needs urgent attention. Addressing this could indeed be the game-changer Zed Run needs.

The game’s genetic factors, like Bloodline, Breed Type, and Coat Colour, add depth and strategy. However, the game’s evolution over the past two years has left early adopters feeling alienated. The experience they invested in has drastically changed, and not necessarily for the better.

Tournaments, with their big prize pools, offer an exciting dimension to the game. But the user interface, which feels outdated and buggy, detracts from the overall experience. A major revamp could breathe new life into the game.

Community feedback highlights a need for better communication and transparency from the developers, especially regarding the game’s future direction. The stud farm feature, allowing male horse owners to list their horses for breeding, is innovative, but like many other aspects of the game, it needs refining.

In conclusion, Zed Run has the potential to be a standout game in the blockchain space. Its foundation is robust, but it’s plagued by issues that need addressing. The community’s recent backlash is a testament to their passion and belief in the game’s potential. With the right changes, Zed Run could indeed race ahead of its competitors. But for now, it remains a game with unfulfilled promise.

Deep Dive Into Zed Run’s Features

24/7 Racing

Zed Run offers a horse racing track that operates continuously, providing endless opportunities for players to engage.

Crypto Betting

Players can place bets on horse races using cryptocurrency, integrating traditional betting with the digital age.

NFT Horses

Every horse in Zed Run is a unique NFT, giving it intrinsic value, especially with the breeding feature.

Breeding System

Players can breed their horses to produce offspring with potentially better traits, adding a layer of strategy and investment.

Zed Run Challenges

  • Breeding Concerns: The breeding aspect, a core feature of the game, is currently facing issues, with many players finding it problematic and less rewarding.
  • Communication Gaps: The community has expressed concerns over the lack of transparency and communication from the game developers, especially regarding the game’s future direction.
  • UI and Bugs: The user interface, although functional, feels outdated. Persistent bugs that have not been addressed further mar the gaming experience.
  • Shift from Original Vision: Early adopters feel that the game has deviated from its initial promise, leading to dissatisfaction among some segments of the community.

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